Vacuous Ultimatum (Official Music Video)

Today’s Last Tragedy Feat. Oceano’s Adam Warren – Vacuous Ultimatum (Official Music Video)


1. Unknot 2. Vacuous Ultimatum (Feat. Adam Warren of Oceano) 3. My First Love 4. Blackened Skies 5. Move Suddenly With Force (Feat. Zach Johnson of Outer Glow) 6. No Words Facebook:… Twitter: Spotify:… Bandcamp: Itunes:…Merch:

Produced by T.J. Sajna Mixed/Mastered by Cody Stewart Video by Lexicon Media

Sincerely, thank you to everyone who was a part of this project;
None of this would be possible without your help and support…

The Circle Pit for being one of the most professional and uplifting promotion company in existence
Adam Warren of Oceano having some the best vocals in the industry, and just all around an awesome person
Cody Stewart of Reforce Media and The Browning for the incredible mix/master
Lexicon MediaPaul Lierman, and Codi Chambers of The Wise Man’s Fearfor their video skills
Amy Burke for photography knowing the coolest locations around
Jose Cruz and Holly Ahrman for their phenomenal acting abilities
John and Timmy of Bone Driver for lending us great lighting equipment
Special thanks to; Nova GrouiosB’rer CainJustin Lykins, Steve at Lang Iron Works, and last but not least

Thank you to our friends, fans, and family.

Today’s Last Tragedy

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