Years Album Download

1. Overture

2. Out in the Cold

3. Angel and a Fiend (Feat. Joey Fenoglio of Sirens)

4. Double Entendre

5. Years

6. Desperation Killed Dedication (Feat.
Aria Yavarinejad of For All I Am)

7. Vivid Visions

8. The Lucid Dream (Feat. Jonny McBee of The Browning)

9. Gone

10. A Light Greater than Suns

11. Donald Trump (Mac Miller Cover)

To download the tracks, right click the link, then click ‘save target as’ and save it.
Alternatively, click the link and there will be a download link to the right of the track.

If you prefer to download the full album at once, do so by clicking the image below!

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